MyHealthChecked is a UK- based Women’s Healthcare company which has been founded to help women with unexplained infertility to conceive.

Typically, medical intervention for infertility does not start until 12 months of a woman unsuccessfully trying to conceive, with IVF only being offered after two years of trying to conceive in most countries.

Research indicates that couples start to take positive action way ahead of this time and there is often little medical support to help them do so. This can lead to a long and worrying wait for women and families, not knowing whether anything is wrong or not.

We were founded in 2013, by a team of leading professionals with the sole mission to develop innovative products that can provide crucial guidance to women and couples with unexplained infertility and to help them conceive.

In this vein, we have successfully developed a proprietary platform and fertility product for home self-testing or for the doctor’s office.

Our flagship product myLotus has a unique offering, allowing women to see not only + and - results but also their personal fertility hormone concentration levels, that can have a direct influence on their fertility. myLotus is an advanced dual purpose monitoring system allowing both ovulation (LH) and pregnancy (hCG) testing.

myLotus has the ability to quantify personal hormone levels enabling the identification of the fertile period for a large number of women, especially for the significant amount of women whose LH base levels vary from the mean base levels.