About MyHealthChecked Plc

MyHealthChecked plc is an AIM quoted pioneering UK healthcare company that has developed proprietary products and platform, which targets the personalised mobile health market.

MyHealthChecked’s products will initially address the specific needs of women with fertility issues, in particular unexplained infertility. 

Research indicates that in any given population only an estimated 70% of women are able to fall pregnant within the first six months of trying to conceive and 92% of women after two years. Medical intervention for infertility is not typically offered until at least a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and with many couples starting to take positive action well ahead of this time, with little support to help them do so, the market opportunity for a product specifically targeted at helping women with unexplained infertility to conceive is huge.

Competitor home tests only provide qualitative data collection, measuring hormone levels against a benchmark based on the ‘average woman’. This, however, does not capture a significant proportion of the female population. MyHealthChecked’s target group falls outside of the ‘average woman’ and MyLotus’ unique offering allowing quantitative and qualitative measurement of a woman’s personal hCG and LH hormone levels, will help early diagnosis of a given woman’s fertility issues and increase the chance of conception.

The longer-term opportunity will see MyHealthChecked target the measurement of additional factors that can affect conception, addressing a number of factors in any given cycle to increase the chances of conception.

In addition, the digital platform allows for collected data to be transferred to healthcare professionals meaning the product can play a wider role in private or government mobile health initiatives. This future development will tie in closely with data protection regulations.

MyHealthChecked comprises an experienced management team with expertise in development and marketing of diagnostics products.