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Companies promising to help women who do want to become pregnant are on the rise.

London-listed MyHealthChecked, which measures hormone levels in women with unexplained fertility, has just launched its MyLotus programme in China — and will introduce it in the UK later this year. Chief executive Erik Henau, a healthcare veteran, is targeting a £600m opportunity. “If we just focused on women’s health, we would be kept busy for the next 15 to 20 years,” he said.

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The British Bid is a global initiative developed in partnership with BBC Worldwide to help innovative British companies to succeed in global markets. The film presented by the British Bid will be featured globally via BBC Worldwide´s and will be available to watch for 1 year. BBC Worldwide provides an audience of millions. The film will raise MyHealthChecked's profile and may put it on the radar screen of relevant international partners.

MyHealthChecked– Personalised Mobile health at home

Concepta Diagnostics presented by the British Bid for BBC worldwide

I recently decided the time was right for a general check-up at the doctors. Following 20 minutes struggling with an automated phone system, and after typing in my date of birth and phone number multiple times, before being offered an appointment at 11am on a Wednesday, I gave up. Patient waiting times grabbed headlines earlier in the year, after data collected by the Labour party revealed that in 2015 14.2m people waited a week to see their doctor and many did not get an appointment at all. Booking a GP's appointment, more often than not, is a pretty painful experience - one that's exacerbated by the necessity for a blood test, which could take up to three weeks to come back and thus require another lengthy automated telephone experience.

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MyHealthChecked PLC (AIM:CPT) interim results charted the company’s transformation from natural resources company to a healthcare business focused on fertility.

In the six months ended June 30 the firm offloaded its oil and gas assets while reversing the MyHealthChecked business into the cash shell formerly known as Frontier Resources.

The AIM newcomer raised £3.5mln as part of the float in July. Analysts expect MyHealthChecked to be revenue-generative before the end of the year and it might break even in 2017.

That’s because a lot of the hard yards developing the MyLotus fertility kit were done before the firm was subjected to the glare of the public markets.

It means cash that investors have ploughed into the company via a share placing will solely to generate sales and profits.


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