Ovulation Test

To get pregnant, you need to release a mature egg each month. This is called "ovulation“. We can track a certain hormone, the Luteinising Hormone (LH), that is the most reliable indicator of impending ovulation. Your LH base levels are usually low during your cycle. LH begins to surge just prior to ovulation. The peak in LH levels triggers ovulation, which occurs approximately 24-48 hours later. It is this hormone that we test, as it provides accurate information on your most fertile days giving you the highest possible chance of getting pregnant.

Women, who have a low base level of LH could have an LH surge that is below the average and therefore do not detect their fertile period with conventional tests, so being able to test the LH hormone concentration levels with myLotus is a huge benefit.

The tests are wrapped in protective aluminium foil and a plastic cup and pipette are provided for collecting and testing your urine. Nowadays most women are used to a midstream urine test format. myLotus takes away the common concern of whether too much or too little urine was sampled. We provide a pipette with every test and you will apply the same volume of urine each time.

myLotus is suitable for all women.